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Christmas and promises

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It’s taken me a while to get round to writing this post and I intended to review my yoga retreat in Portugal, but I’ll do that in my next post, PROMISE! I’ve avoided writing it out of shame because since returning to London I have seriously neglected my yoga practice. Life events got in the way (I had an awesome little adventure in Berlin). I was also quite ill, and had some unfortunate stresses. All excuses I’m lamely using to try to justify my avoidance. The reality is, these are all issues which yoga is the perfect antidote. So I’m feeling guilty at myself for not taking my own advice, making time or motivating myself to go to class.

With this in mind, I eased back in to exercise this week with a zen swimming session, where I just zoned out and kept doing laps until I’d had enough. I finally checked out a new yoga class that I hadn’t been to before as well. It was a lovely restorative session, slow and dynamic with a focus on releasing blockages in the sacral chakra. I’m slowly learning about the chakras, taking yoga teacher talk with a pinch of salt, and making up my own mind as to whether I believe in them or not.

I looked up the significance of the sacral chakra, which is the second one up from the root chakra and sits around your stomach. It’s as if the teacher had insight to all of my internal woes and designed the class around me, or it was a lucky coincidence. When this chakra is blocked it can result in a long list of lower abdomen issues, all of which I can tick off as experiencing this past couple of months. Namely ‘female problems, urinary problems, stomach problems, muscle cramps, lack of energy and nervous depression’. So I’m quite pleased I went. An hour or so after the class I felt a lot lighter, and as though a weight had been lifted. My shoulders felt freer too, as they’ve sat next to my ears for ages. I went to a gig that night and had a lot more energy to dance around with my friends than I’ve had in a while. Whether or not that’s placebo, who knows?  Most likely it was the result of doing some gentle exercise and feeling good about myself for it.

As the end of the year is slowly creeping in, I want to continue feeling good about myself. So I decided to make a few promises to aid my quest in taking care.

I am going to:

  • Go to a yoga class AT LEAST once a week from now until the end of the year
  • Swim at least once a week
  • Go to my favourite park in London just once before the end of 2015

Christmas season promises I make to myself are:

  • Put up a Christmas tree
  • Get mulled wine on Southbank
  • Catch up with my old colleagues who I haven’t seen in ages and make a point of learning what each one has been up to
  • When I’m back in Sheffield I’m going to spend time with my Nannan & Grandad, my family, my extended family and see one of my best friends with the cutest little baby!
  • Visit Linacre Reservoir near Chesterfield because it always makes me smile

I’ve not set my sights too high, rigid or extreme here and believe the list above is totally feasible, so I’m not overwhelmed or feel like I won’t achieve these promises before the end of the year!

That’s where I’m leaving it tonight, if anyone wants to share their last month of 2015 promises with me, please do- we might inspire each other for new year’s resolutions……..


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