Wellness in London

Wellness in the city

I’ve lived in London over 2 years now, and in March 2016 it will have been a year since my brain injury (read about that fun time here). It’s been an eye opening year to say the least, and one where I really started to get serious about my mental and physical health. I would love to combine writing about holistic health and wellness, with London as the backdrop. So I thought I’d start to direct my posts towards what I’m up to in London with a focus on how to take care of your body and mind in this hectic city. In turn, I hope this keeps me motivated to continue to exercise, explore and enjoy the magic here.

I attend a fitness class on average twice a week. With schemes such as classpass and apps like mindbody, its really easy to find something new to keep motivated, without breaking the bank. There’s always an offer on, and sometimes the chance of attending a new class for free! Recently I’ve been to ballet barre, restorative yoga, sivananda yoga and a really lovely beginner’s ashtanga class. I’m really interested to try a martial art class and give Pilates another go. So expect regular reviews of classes I’ve been to here. Alongside that, the mindbody app has deals on holistic treatments. So I’ll be rating massages I’ve treated myself to and holistic treatments I’ve taken. Things such as EFT, acupuncture, Chakra rebalancing (yes I am becoming that much of a hippy) and ayurvedic facials will all be investigated.

I love checking out exhibitions too, especially at the Wellcome Collection. I love art that combines psychology, mental health, emotions and depressingly, death. So this is perhaps my favourite place in the city. Not to mention the awesome gift shop. The last exhibition I went to was the Ann Veronica Janssens: yellowbluepink exhibition. It was a visually all-encompassing and interactive piece, that allowed you to be fully submerged in a room of coloured mist (how London). Her work explored perception and human consciousness, so of course I was the prime demographic as far as target audience goes. I’m fascinated by all the idiosyncrasies of being human. Being a philosophy graduate working in a psychology setting, I’m drawn in hard by this stuff. You can see a video of my experience at the exhibition here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKgHhV3Gftc

Adding to all the juicy stuff above, my favourite thing to explore in London is the parks. If I’m feeling too weak or tired for the gym, I’ll take myself on a mindful stroll without my phone, or music and just enjoy being in a bit of green space. I love finding hidden refuges amongst the hustle and bustle, and I’ll be pointing out my favourite outside spaces to find calm and reconnect. As an FYI the photo for this post was taken at Buddapadipa Temple in Wimbledon, which is a gorgeous meditative space tucked away in a prime location. TAKE YOURSELF THERE IMMEDIATELY.

So if any of that sounds interesting to you, give me a follow and I’ll try my best to inspire!

Until next time, take care! 




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