About me

Hello and welcome! I’m Katie and this blog was initially created to document my recovery from a traumatic brain injury in March 2015, from a holistic perspective. I wanted to share coping mechanisms and techniques that I had learnt along the way to help other people, recovering from similar experiences and injuries.

Following this, I realised that actually, the activities that I was using to cope, were things I’ve always been interested in anyway. Namely yoga, healthy eating, journaling, mindfulness and meditation- I just hadn’t explored them in any real depth. Having a severe injury meant that I had to start getting serious about taking care of myself psychologically, emotionally and physically. Brain injury or not, at some point in our lives there is going to be a time when we need to focus on taking care of ourselves, in the best possible way.

With this in mind, I plan to update this blog monthly with what I am doing to aid my recovery and what I am researching within the realm of holistic health. I would like to make clear that I am no advocate on TBI recovery, nor am I am qualified therapist of any discipline. This blog will solely document my experiences and what has worked for me, the aim being to inspire and help other people. To quote Richard Bach– ‘you teach best what you need to learn!’

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3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Katie,

    I’m so happy to read your post today. I am mother to Isaac (10 yr old who sustained his TBI 2 years ago). I’ve been hunting all over for a route forwards with understanding how to help him more and just like you I realized that I had the answers within me. I don’t really have to imagine that I’m my own parent as I am Isaacs and so perhaps that nurturing comes more naturally. It’s not simple though. The professional advice can be contradictory and can be incorrect for my son given that TBI’s affect people differently. Instead of relying on professional advice then I’ve been working primarily on relaxation for my son. He was suffering with awful anxiety and was volatile and occasionally aggressive. Finding relaxation techniques – often just reading to him for hours whilst cuddling him has done wonders. also giving him time with friends, access to different sports have helped. mostly total stress reduction is the answer. I wish he had the self reflection to do his own journaling as I think this would be wonderful for him. I’d love to message/ email/ chat further with you.

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